Strategic Ventures, Inc. (SV) provides venture advisory services, offering a unique combination of financial acumen, marketing expertise and recognized operating experience. SV can guide you through all stages of developing, funding, and operating a company from an idea to an Initial Public Offering. Even if your company has been operating for years, we can streamline it for growth, efficiency, joint ventures, or restructuring. Additionally, SV selectively invests its own capital in promising, early-stage companies.


Through its staff and advisors, SV aggregates decades of experience across hundreds of transactions, allowing it to be flexible and creative in response to client objectives. Leveraging our operational background, we look for solutions that optimize value for our clients and may not necessarily come in the form of cash or securities changing hands. As an organization, we are small enough that we can focus all of our resources on a tailored solution for each client. This contrasts sharply with the structure of larger investment banking firms that are typically motivated to take on multiple simultaneous transactions and push them through in a standardized fashion.