Strategic Ventures is laser-focused on helping impactful companies achieve their mission. We work with companies to develop and execute a well-crafted financial strategy specifically for growth companies. Here are the four boxes that we seek before engaging with new companies:
  • Impactful Companies

    We work with companies that provide a social benefit. Although there are many ways that we consider a Company “Impactful”, we have developed expertise in cleantech, energy and sustainability. In addition to the importance of solving environmental or social problems, Impactful companies have clear missions that motivate their teams for success. As a result, Impactful companies are more likely to Continue Reading

  • Validated Companies

    Companies which already have customers or revenue and significant intellectual property.

  • Strong Management Teams

    Our boutique firm works with people and companies that share our philosophies, values, and vision. The people we work with are ones that would be welcome at our dinner table as well as our boardroom.

  • Compelling Investment Thesis

    Because Strategic Venture’s compensation is largely in equity, it is critical that we believe that your Company will succeed.  The best clients are the ones we believe in.