Venture Advisory

Venture Advisory is finance strategy for early-stage companies. Capital is the scarcest resource for early-stage companies. Finance strategy encompasses all aspects of the business including operations, sales, marketing, and most importantly capital raising. Effective finance strategy is the foundation for a companies future success.

With our Venture Advisory services, we can personally guide you through the entire process of building a company from an idea. We have the practical experience of managing multimillion-dollar companies plus the financial background of an investment bank or VC. Our successful operational expertise coupled with our keen financial background can lead you through all the stages of running a business from writing the business plan to managing a fully operational company.

At SV, we will evaluate your business plan or capital raise plan, draw a blueprint that outlines how to proceed, and, if so desired, can perform the tasks. We will work with you to achieve your goals either as an advisor or by taking a hands-on approach and leading the way for you.

Some examples of additional venture advisory services SV offers are:

In our database alone, we have over 15,000 contacts that span the gamut from investment banks to venture capital firms and from executive recruiters to engineers. If you need to find an obscure consultant in your particular field or a general supplier, most likely this contact is in our database. If not, we can network through our personal contacts to find options for you and weed through the group to pick out the best of the crop.

In short, we can facilitate new business partnership relationships. Acting in the interest of your company, we can research any information for you and supply you with options that will meet your requirements. We can also oversee the work done, reviewing and ensuring the quality of the product.

We can help companies planning to grow either nationally or internationally. From putting together a blueprint to raising capital or from restructuring your company to hiring the appropriate people for new jobs, we can turn your small business into a large one. Whether you are starting from scratch with an idea or have already been in business for many years, we have the financial and operational expertise for expanding companies into larger and more successful ventures.
As serial entrepreneurs, we have experience creating and operating companies. We have built companies from a simple idea to multimillion-dollar companies with branches located nationally. If you need someone to assume the role of president, CFO, or CEO in the interim, we can temporarily manage your firm for you while spearheading the search for the permanent company head. Applying our proven expertise and operational knowledge, we will direct your company, ascertaining the best route for your company and implementing a successful plan of action.

We have settled various transactions on behalf of our clients and companies such as investment of millions of dollars and mergers of companies. We possess the ability to tactfully and forcefully negotiate a deal that adheres to the law and satisfies our client. We will represent you, advise you, and, working within the law, close the deal.

Having built companies from scratch, we know who will be a successful and loyal consultant or employee. If your employees need to be reorganized and motivated we can guide you through this process or manage it for you. We can help you hire the right people, whether they are unique specialists in their field or key people who can keep you on track.

We have extensive experience in sales and marketing, and can provide bottom-up support for unusual or difficult-to-market products. With a track record for success in building sales and marketing programs for new products, as well as developing new models for products already on the market, we have the experience and the know-how to handle any of your sales and marketing needs.