Investments & Engagements

Strategic Ventures works with our companies using one of three engagement models:

Our highest level of service. At this level, we work with our companies to provide financial strategy and execution, go-to-market strategy, direct introductions and engagement with potential investors, and full support across the entire fundraising lifecycle.

Splash is providing the best carwash experience in the Chinese market with the smallest environmental footprint.

AKOS has developed the 1st independent advanced technology platform for Well Intervention Services. AKOS’s personnel use a proprietary suite of enhanced, hybrid-cable based, flow-through downhole tools to provide job data. This data is collected and analyzed at the well in real-time using a custom developed communications network and software package. AKOS dramatically increases both sustainability and efficiency in well intervention.

Andluca is making glass smarter and more efficient without compromising design. Andluca is an advanced materials company that specializes in smart glass .

BlueInGreen is a water cleantech company that commercializes a patented water treatment technology. BlueInGreen went on to be acquired by Chart Industries.

Bright Power provides practical energy management and solar energy solutions. Bright Power successfully raised $6.8 million across four funding rounds.

CircuitMeter offers a breakthrough in energy efficiency with circuit level, real time submetering and energy analytics.

SVR arranged a $5 million equity investment from a Strategic Investor for Cool Clean. Cool Clean Technologies has quickly emerged as the world leader in CO2 cleaning technology. Cool Clean’s CO2 cleaning applications use state-of-the-art technologies that reach global proportions. To date, millions of pounds of clothing have been cleaned worldwide using Cool Clean liquid carbon dioxide technology, due to the many advantages it offers over traditional cleaning solvents.

Clean Energy Projects Made Simple. Empeq’s all-in-one app to complete energy audits in a fraction of the time and get commercial equipment funding within 48 hours (or less).

Horn’s low-code software platform makes it easy to integrate telepresence into all kinds of applications. Horn runs in the customer’s domain, is invisible to the user, and requires just a few clicks to join. Horn is already deployed with paying customers on long-term contracts.

Locus Energy provides software monitoring and analytics for the solar industry. Locus Energy went on to be acquired by AlsoEnergy.

Premama provides a prenatal vitamin drink for healthier babies and happier mothers. Premama successfully raised $7.2 million in funding over multiple rounds.

SVR arranged a $5.5 million Series B investment in SensorTran from a syndicate of 3 VCs from Europe, California & Texas. SensorTran develops and markets Distributed fiber-Optic based Sensing (“DOS”) systems. DOS technology uses fiber optics to measure temperature, strain, and other data about a remote environment or physical asset. The technology provides nearly instantaneous transmission of data and can efficiently cover large areas. SensorTran is the industry leader in developing this disruptive technology that has quickly won prominent customers in the oil, gas, electric power, and other industries.

Digital Twins SaaS for renewable energy, rail maintenance, automotive and defense systems. Sentient Science has successfully raised $29 million over four funding rounds.

Vytalize Health is an all-in-one solution for independent primary care doctors participating in value-based care with Medicare. Vytalized raised $17.5 million over two funding rounds and acquired MedPilot in February of 2021.

Portable, accurate, user-friendly drowning detection systems. Wave DDS has been deployed across a number of uses to prevent drowning and increase response time to potentially life threatening situations.

Climate Impact Capital (CIC) invests in technology companies and supports our partners and clients that target today’s relevant issues in energy and climate change. CIC partners with incubator, accelerators, national labs and others to make targeted impact investments. CIC focuses on the intersection of long-term trends and emerging disruptions that cause acute and chronic losses to companies, investors and society.

Strategic Ventures collaborates with CIC on a regular basis and most recently has worked to share the Climate Impact Capital Power Grid Special Purpose Vehicle with innovative, forward looking electric utility companies.

YouSolar has created the PowerBloc, a solar nano-grid that provides clean power for both homes and businesses.  It allows users to harness energy more efficiently through a plug-and-play system. PowerBloc features an accessible interface, using real-time location-specific satellite forecast, cloud monitoring, and annual simulations to continuously improve service quality.

For companies not yet ready for a full Engagement, we have created a service to allow us to work with promising startups and get them ready to raise capital.

For companies that require a minimal level of support but want our help in raising capital, we offer a service that focuses just on fundraising.