The Strategic Ventures team aggregates years of successful finance and entrepreneurial experience. Our unique background enables us to create a flexible and personalized finance strategy tailored to your needs as well as create business plans etc. to streamline company operations in the most efficient manner possible.

Mitchell Hauser

Managing Partner

Mitchell Hauser offers his clients an unusual combination of operational experience and financial expertise to help build and grow companies. Mr. Hauser has established…

Tony Coretto


Managing Director

Tony Coretto is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor with over 30 years’ experience starting, growing, and investing in businesses. He was a co-founder…

Mark Austin


Venture Partner

Venture Capital & Private Equity Investing; Board Member; Entrepreneur-in-Resident; Strategic Growth & Development Executive…

Tom Blum

Venture Partner

Tom Blum is active in cleantech as an investment banker and investor for 16 years.  He is currently a senior member of a boutique…

Christopher Cline


Venture Partner

Christopher Cline has over 30 years of experience in the fields of finance, operations management, and mergers & acquisitions, and business development. Between 1993…

Stephen Markscheid

Venture Partner

Stephen Markscheid is Managing Principal of Aerion Capital, a family office. He serves as independent non-executive director…

Sadokat Raupova


Sadokat Raupova is an Analyst with Strategic Ventures. Sadokat comes to us from Hunter College, where she is finishing up her Honors BA/MA in Economics…

Farzad Mousavi


Farzad Mousavi joined Strategic Ventures as an Analyst in 2023. Prior to Strategic Ventures, he interned at UCCRN Colombia University…

Levar Riley


Levar oversees the firm’s operational accounting and financial reporting. As part of the corporate leadership team, Levar is also responsible for developing the annual…

Soojin Choung 

Venture Partner

Soojin worked as an investment analyst at firms including JP Morgan and Fidelity traveling and living globally across continents. She has been involved with start-up investments and …

Katrina Tan

Communications Manager

Katrina joined Strategic Ventures as a Communications Manager in charge of client outreach, research, and other administrative tasks.